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Exclusive transport services for individuals

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Easy, safe transport by air shipping to any destination

At ACT Aduanas we know that an individual client is as important as any other, and do not consider them as anything less, as we know that a satisfied individual is one of the best promoters of our services.

We ask very little of you for transporting your goods to any destination, and will do everything necessary for you. On this website you will find the basic information necessary for making a shipment, but if you have any queries contact us. We know that you are not an expert in international transport, and therefore we are here to inform and help you.

We offer guaranteed, fast, safe and efficient services to any destination; trust us for making your shipment to any country in America or Africa. If the destination of your goods is Equatorial Guinea, Argentina or Bolivia, you have found the best operator, as we offer a greater guarantee and safety to these destinations than others. Our experience in sending personal effects or other types of individuals’ goods to these three countries is endorsed by our experience and agreements with the operators involved.

See below what you need to make a shipment:


Must be suitable for the goods that you wish to transport and the means of transport being used, must always be lightweight, manageable and strong, with necessary identifying marks (sender, destination, etc.)

Special cases by destination or type of goods.

If you wish to send these items or similar products contact us and we will provide you with more detailed information:


  • Live animals
  • Perishable products
  • Cold meats and edible goods
  • Goods considered to be dangerous or restricted goods, such as:
    • Batteries of electronic devices
    • Corrosive, flammable, explosive, or toxic products
    • Radioactive goods


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ACT Aduanas, Comercio y Transportes, S.A.

Dedication and honest service adapted to the needs of our clients. Our company was created in 1997, and since then has become a leader in customs management and the transport of goods.


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